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Preparing for the photo shoot.

Being nervous before a photo shoot is natural after all you're probably not a professional model, don't worry your photographer is here to help.


  1. Plan what to wear ahead of time and make sure everything fits and is read to go.
  2. If there are going to be others in the photos make sure they are not wearing the same colors or outfit.
  3. Black clothing is not a good choice for a photo shoot but most all other colors will work. The brighter the better.
  4. Think about where the photo shoot will be and try not to wear colors that blend in with the background.
  5. Have a list of poses that you would like to use or you can just let the photographer decide.
  6. Know where to be and make sure you arrive at least 20 minutess early.
  7. Talk with the photographer about any props you would like to use if any.
  8. Shave the night before.
  9. Eat, drink and rest.
  10. Relax and have fun. 

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